Find an HVAC Repair Company in San Antonio, TX

Find an HVAC Repair Company in San Antonio, TX

Vortex Climate Control is at your service

Is your HVAC system making strange noises? Are you experiencing different temperatures from room to room? At the first sign of trouble with your HVAC system, call Vortex Climate Control. We perform fast HVAC repairs in San Antonio, TX.

Our HVAC contractor can work on all types of HVAC systems. After evaluating your system, we’ll let you know whether a repair or replacement is the best course of action. We also offer emergency HVAC service.

Reach out to us now to get your home back to a comfortable temperature.

4 reasons why your A/C isn’t working

A summer in San Antonio, TX with a broken A/C can be a nightmare. Fortunately, we can fix any issue with your HVAC system. Here are some of the most common A/C issues:

  1. The refrigerant is leaking.
  2. The electric control system is failing.
  3. The sensor isn’t working correctly.
  4. The system isn’t draining correctly.

Don’t sweat your way through the summer. Our HVAC contractor can evaluate your system and repair it quickly. Call us today at 210-381-6666 for HVAC repairs and emergency HVAC service in San Antonio, TX.